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Above the Horizon

Science Fiction story set in the year 2425 on the water planet Asherah. Asherah was abandoned by the military that initially settled it and those left behind must pick up the pieces.

A 28-year-old loner who found his calling when the government of the water planet Asherah asked for people willing to spend a lot of time at sea, working on dismantling old military bases.
Local ProfileMatthias
20 years old, he lives on the water planet Asherah. After a date took a wrong turn, he withdrew from his social life and began (slightly dangerous) work for the government with Joe Gabriel.
Molly is a 19-year-old living on the planet Asherah in the year 2525. She likes to swim and spends a lot of time in the water. She has recovered from a sleeping disease known as hyperneuro parasomnia.

The story Across came about because I expressed my distaste for a certain popular teen fantasy-romance franchise, and someone told me I couldn't do better. Profiles: 2/2

He doesn't have a reputation for being intelligent, but he's one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. He's also an accomplished baker, after his mother.
The smartest person in her hometown, everyone had high hopes for her when she went away to a better school to continue her education. Most everyone assumed she'd just left them behind, until she managed to send a coded letter to her best friend.

Friendship and betrayal, light and shadow, and one girl's journey to break a curse and learn the truth.

A young, spunky Shadowmancer who hails from Topside Town. The group cheerleader.
Alle ran away from home on her sixteenth birthday, after learning some hard truths about her family, and the great-grandmother for whom she was named. Her familiar is a fluffy white dog named Micki.
Alle's best friend from White Hall, her main confidante; he ran away from home on the same night she did and decided to stick with her.
A young potion-maker who is more worldly than he initially lets on. Everywhere the group goes, he seems to have a connection. He is also the best cook among them.
Children of the Cataclysm

The story of a city and its people picking up the pieces after being shaken by disaster - and trying to make sure another doesn't happen. The Cataclysm happened in year 0, years in profiles are expressed based on that number.

Ali is the eldest of the younger Laluna generation, but as the son of the youngest is not the heir. He is a principled youth, though his family life has left him with a large chip on his shoulder.
The son of two scientists, he is the only person to have witnessed the Cataclysm and survive more than a week. He undergoes a memory tap in order to try to help explain what happened and afterwards becomes passionate about rebuilding the city.
Eldest daughter of deceased Laluna matriarch and heir proper to the Laluna estate. Possesses a unique aura, but has always had trouble finding her talents.
The younger daughter of Caela and Alef Laluna, a carefree musical prodigy who finds herself a political figure despite her every effort not to be. She keeps more secrets than most.
Circle of Many Faces

Fantasy story, setting vaguely inspired by English/French/Spanish colonization of Caribbean. Profiles: 3/5

Local ProfileCharlotte
When she was 12, her life's direction changed when she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now she possesses an artifact that will draw the Circle of Many Faces straight to her.
A female member of the Ciarta Island Guard, Lia's story is a mystery even to her friends. More physical than most women and possessing an accent that does not match her face, Lia is lying low on the ex-criminal haven of Ciarta Island.
Sam lives on Ciarta Island with his sister, Aislinn. A twin of curse, he is only vaguely aware of what this means to him and his sister. He works as an herbalist and sells medicines. He is in love with his best friend, but not permitted to be with her.
Rainbow Covey

A children's fantasy story about the boy who sits on the fringe of a group of color-based magicians; as the Black he isn't allowed in the Rainbow Covey, but he may be the most important of them all. Profiles: 2/11

Asher lived in the Twilight, until a bully's prank gone too far left him outside after the last bell. He is the Black, the outsider of the Rainbow Covey, and entitled him to the magic of that color.
Tabitha is a practical, responsible girl; the older sister to Tara, she loves her younger sister, but is not always patient with Tara's flights of fancy. Still, though she does not always agree with Tara's motivations, the sisters share a tight bond.
Tara is a scrappy girl with a heart of gold she wears proudly on her sleeve. By random chance she gets mixed up in Sound pursuing Asher, but makes it through and she and Asher become best friends. Tara stays by his side during his journey.
Searching for Sunset

A children's-level fantasy story about a boy who woke up to a new life at the setting sun, and who found himself chased by the ghosts of his old life.

A priestess who long ago lost her last shred of humanity... who also happens to be Ivy's elder sister. She has it out for Mint, but she won't say why.
A mailcarrier and Ivy's uncle, Mint's appointed guardian.
Ginger is the single mother of Juniper. She works as a hostess and waitress in the dining room at the Lonely Moon. Outgoing and flirtatious, she's a favorite of most of the customers, and tends to spoil young children just a bit.
Ivy, a botanist and herbalist, lives alone, until the day she sails to a remote island looking for unusual herbs and finds instead an unconscious Mint in a cave. There is no one else to help him, so she brings him home to nurse him back to health.
Ginger's son, a playful child who is proud to consider himself a scourge upon all grown-ups (except for his mother). He becomes Mint's best friend.
Mint woke up in the sunset with no memory of his prior life, and after awhile he decided he was all right with that. Unfortunately, the circumstances that left him an amnesiac haven't finished playing out.
Willow's grandmother and the proprietor of the Lonely Moon Inn and Boarding House, Rose takes nonsense from no one.
Willow is a quiet and reserved girl with white wolf's ears who likes books better than people, and ESPECIALLY likes them better than Mint. But why does she dislike Mint? She won't tell anyone.
The Little Weed

Fantasy webcomic about a fairy wandering through a land ravaged by cursemakers.

Matronly, vampiric medicine woman
A small fairy who lost everything, including her voice, to a Cursemaker.

A normal-kids-with-special-powers sort of story that's basically me attempting to both nostalgia-trip hard on my childhood and provide a social commentary on it. Whee! It begins in the year 2000.

An awkward, creative, adolescent girl whose initial power is telekinesis. She is poor at expressing herself, but is a good listener.
Melancholy kid with a bit of a chip on his shoulder, his main ability is technopathy. His strained relationship with his scientist father gets rekindled, as his father is one of his group's few adult allies.
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