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Full name: Yanalyn Hemingway
Given name: Yana
Age: 17
Hair: Medium brown, straight, longish. She always wore it in twin tails when she was younger
Eyes: Brown, a bit slanted
Skin: Fair, but it's got an odd tinge to it unlike that of those around her.
Height: 5'6" (167.5 cm)
Build: Slender

Signature colors: Blue, brown, orange

Story: Yana was adopted by the Hemingways during the big war, but because of loopholes in the laws, her father was drafted because he had no children and never came home. Her mother struck up an agreement with the single mother next door, and thus Yana and Max became best friends. Max was a little younger and a good bit slower and he fulfilled young Yana's need for someone to boss around. They became closer friends during school, when they were the outliers in the class. Yana tutored him and Max provided her with baked goods.

When she was fourteen, Yana decided to go away to school, because she'd never be able to study physics like she wanted to in her hometown. Almost immediately after leaving, she was kidnapped and taken to a research institute where she and several others like her were forced to study a disease that had been used as a biological weapon in the war. She always wondered why she wasn't just asked to help out, but found out the hard way when she and a few of her compatriots were exposed to the disease for a day. One of them died. She'd been there three years, and knew they were threatening her mother to keep quiet, so she wrote a letter to Max and managed to sneak it out during a supervised trip into town. She figured he'd tell the police or someone who could reliably blow the lid off their operation; she didn't count on him coming to look for her himself and getting hired by the research institute.

Other info: Max has always been her best friend and she cares for him dearly, but when they were younger she knew that she wasn't his type. After he solved the letter and found her at the research institute, she was angry at him for getting stuck along with her, but after some particularly frightening tests, found she was glad to have a confidante to go to. Seeing how he'd matured in the years they'd spent apart allowed her the room to fall for him - though he fell first.
Character belongs to Eliza
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