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Given name: Marielle Saint-Morelle
Age: 32 (when turned, in reality centuries)
Race: Vampire

Eyes: Red (if she's eaten recently), gold (if not)
Skin: Pale
Hair: Long, white, red at the ends

Ella is the elder sister of the Chief of the village of Saint-Morelle. She prefers not to take part in her brother's mafia-like tendencies, and instead lives in the village and makes medicines. She sticks around the village due to her affection for her niece, Suzette. Ella has had a lot of free time the past few centuries and is very studied.

She is a vampire and has been for a very long time. In Saint-Morelle, they drain blood from the local sheep (without slaughtering them) to feed the vampire population. They are looked on as peaceful, though no full human has passed through the village in a long time.
Character belongs to Eliza
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