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Name JT Cooper, and no, he will not divulge what the initials stand for
Called Jet
DoB September 7, 1985
Height 5'10" (178 cm) at age 14, full-grown by 17 to 6'1" (185.5 cm)
Build Thin
Hair Auburn
Skin Very fair, and freckled
Eyes Blue
Ethnicity Caucasian
Nationality American (father)/British (mother)
Hobbies TV, video games, the internet

Jet is the second child of a scientist (his father, Adam) and a professor of literature (his mother, Ann). His elder sister is a talented violinist. In contrast, Jet feels very plain in comparison to his family, not because he is not intelligent, but because there is nothing for which he feels a passion to pursue, which bothers him. After living most of his life in the US, he feels even more distant from everything after the family moves back to England at his mother's request. He met Casey after his mother recommended him to a coworker's sister as someone who could perform computer repair. He and the ten-year-old became an odd pairing of best friends, even moreso when Casey revealed to Jet that he could read minds.

Jet found Casey's ability intriguing, but it made him feel even less like there was anything special about him. Jet witnessed Casey's first disappearance, and was taken by Jester's agents when they convened on his house where Casey and Matty had brought Ellie - whom they had just rescued from there - so she could get some rest. His and his father's lives were threatened as a way to stop the other three from using their powers. Luckily - or not so luckily, as empathy and the desire of the others to get free may have had a hand in the timing - Jet experienced his own awakening, and used his power of manipulating electricity to blow out all the lights in the room, which caused enough of a distraction that the men holding them hostage could be disarmed.

Jet is the most cautious of his group of friends. He has anxiety disorder, which he treats with medication. He is also bidialectal (speaking equally naturally in American/English accents), but typically speaks with his American accent.
Character belongs to Eliza
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