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Name Kiki ['kiːkiː] Laluna
Born 2 BC (2 years old at time of Cataclysm)
Age at start of story 13

Height 5'0"/152.5cm (full-grown - at about age 15)
Build A little curvy
Hair Gold
Eyes Watery blue
Aura Blue / Monochromatic / Water-Water-Water

Caela Laluna - Mother (deceased, year 0)
Alef Laluna - Father (deceased, year 0)
Haban Laluna - Uncle
Laeta Laluna - Younger sister
Ali Laluna - Cousin
Ilia Peranza - Lover/partner (relationship begins year 14)
Santi Laluna - Son (born year 17)
Jenna Laluna - Daughter (born year 25)
Astri Laluna - Aunt by marriage


Kiki is the heir to one of the Five Great Families - the Lalunas, who traditionally espouse the water element in their auras. Her monochromatic water aura might have made her special, except thanks to ether poisoning from the Cataclysm she was always sickly and never was very good at manipulating it. An experiment performed on her by Laenn Lascrit when she was almost 15 changed that - she developed the ability to see another person's aura, even when they weren't using it to a degree that would normally be visible, and developed the acute ability to manipulate water, though if she overexerts herself, it causes migraines.

She's considered very pretty, which makes her self-conscious because she feels like that's all she has to give to the world sometimes (this is compounded by the fact that her uncle and guardian is a well-known public figure, so by proxy the whole town knows who she is and she feels constantly scrutinized).

Due to ether poisoning, she's a lot shorter than the rest of her traditionally tall family, spent most of her winters ill (until the experiment, which swapped most of her cold/flu symptoms for sharp headaches) and was deemed entirely infertile by her physicians. She had never menstruated when she became pregnant with her first child; it was later discovered that being under the influence of the proper aura energy, away from the poisoning in town, could provoke her body into functioning more normally.

Kiki is impetuous and always sure to trust her instinct - which most of the time does not fail her. She is orphaned, and lives with her Uncle and Aunt; her Uncle is loving, but going into politics never had much time for the children, and her relationship with her Aunt is strained (not to the angry extent that Ali dislikes his stepmother, but Kiki and Astri always struggled to find common ground), so she always felt that she had to look out for herself. When she was younger, her cousin Ali always had one eye on her, but eventually he left the family after disagreements with his father.

Kiki is very close with her sister, Laeta, but the two still keep secrets from each other.

Kiki's eventual partner is Ilia, who was initially a friend of her cousin's. However, when Ali skipped town to help found the Glass Runners, Ilia decided that he could do more good if he stayed. He applied to become a scribe for Haban Laluna, and while he and Kiki were already friendly at this point, this put them closer together more often. They kept their relationship secret for a few years, due to both of them being semi-public figures, and also due to the ambiguity of her position, especially post-Cataclysm: the Five Great Families (two of which were completely wiped out) have lessened the power they have, but have still kept traditions, so Kiki "dating down" by being with Ilia, who is not of nobility, would be of questionable social value depending on who you asked.
Character belongs to Eliza
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