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Name: Rose
Age: 58

Hair: Ice blue, in pin curls at her neck
Eyes: Deep Blue
Skin: Fair
Height: 5'3" (160 cm)
Build: Slightly fragile

Signature colors: Light blue, lavender

Story: Tragedy has always struck Rose's family, so when her daughter's husband killed himself she took her daughter and granddaughter, Willow, under her wing and bought a parcel of land at the top of the hill on Overfall Island. This she turned into the Lonely Moon inn and boarding house.

Her daughter finally succumbed to her terror when Willow was ten, leaving Willow with Rose. Rose runs her business as well as ever, and is a shrewd businesswoman, but lately her concern for Willow has consumed her more and more. The last thing she wants is for Willow to go the same way as her parents.

Basil, the mail carrier who lives at the Lonely Moon, has a crush on Rose, so Rose is exasperated when Mint shows up, claiming to be Basil's great-nephew. He promises he'll work for his keep, though, and when he proves to be helpful in the dining room, she's glad to have him around.

Skin tone range in Prismacolor markers: Pale Peach - Brick Beige - Sand - Light Walnut
Character belongs to Eliza
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