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Name: Mint
Age: 10

Hair: Jet black, straight, wiry
Eyes: Green
Skin: Medium dark
Height: 4'9"
Build: Stocky
Animal feature: Ram's horns and gray ram's ears

Signature colors: Green

Story: When Mint woke up, he was wearing ratty clothes, belted with a length of rope, and a purple cape. He had a scar on his back and no one knew where it came from. He couldn't move, but he was found by Ivy, an herbalist, who took him back to her home. He remained there for a few short-but-happy days until Ivy's sister came snooping around and Ivy felt she had to send Mint away. She sent him to stay with her uncle, Basil, who lived on Overlook Island at the Lonely Moon. Mint has the vague sense that he isn't who he used to be; he chose his own name and approximated his own age and doesn't believe he's the same person he was before the accident, and is content with the idea of living a peaceful, happy existence. Unfortunately, that's not entirely possible, because Ivy's sister seemed hell-bent on catching him, and Willow, a girl at the Lonely Moon, won't even talk to him.

Other info: Despite his questionable past, he is a very, very smiley kid. He likes to garden.

Skin tone range in Prismacolor markers: Cinnamon toast - Light Walnut - Light Tan - Light Umber
Character belongs to Eliza
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Mint 2011

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