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Name Laeta ['laɪtə] Laluna
Born 0 (infant at time of Cataclysm)
Age at start of story 11
Age in reference picture 14

Height 5'6"/167.5cm (full-grown - at about age 14)
Build Svelte
Hair Gold
Eyes Watery blue
Aura Aqua blue / Harmonious / Water-Water-Wood

Caela Laluna - Mother (deceased, year 0)
Alef Laluna - Father (deceased, year 0)
Haban Laluna - Uncle
Kiki Laluna - Elder sister
Ali Laluna - Cousin
Asta DuGre - Best friend, eventual girlfriend
Astri Laluna - Aunt by marriage


Laeta is Kiki Laluna's younger sister, born mere months before the Cataclysm took the lives of their parents. Unlike Kiki, she has absolutely no recollection of her parents and tends to feel oddly detached from the incident - unlike everyone else she lives with, who on some level has an awareness of just how much the Cataclysm took from them, Laeta was too young to ever know the difference.

She is bubbly and outgoing. She comes off as a bit of a ditz, but is actually very smart and from a very young age was a skilled piano player as well. Laeta is a bit more fashionable than her sister, choosing to dress a bit wildly, in whatever she can find.

Out of herself, Kiki, and Ali, Laeta probably has the best relationship with Astri, but unfortunately that isn't saying much.

Laeta discovered in her young teens that she was, in fact, in love with her closest friend. She figured this wouldn't be a problem, until she learned that Kiki had been pronounced infertile. Laeta then worried that all eyes would be on her to continue the Laluna family line, as Ali seemed to be a lost cause.

Eventually she would become entangled in nasty politicking with the Lascrit family.
Character belongs to Eliza
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