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Name: Willow
Age: 12

Hair: Ice blue, straight, no bangs. Usually pinned up to her forehead on one or both sides
Eyes: Crimson
Skin: Fair to pale
Height: 5'2"
Build: Skinny adolescent
Animal feature: White wolf's ears

Signature colors: Blue, purple, white

Story: Willow comes from a family plagued by the visions - ghosts that will appear and stare and watch. It wound up being too much for her father, who killed himself when Willow was a baby, and her mother as well, who followed suit when Willow was 10. Willow's been hit very hard by the death of her mother, especially, and she has begun to have the visions as well. She lives at the Lonely Moon with her grandmother, Rose, who keeps a close eye on her, not wanting to lose another family member to tragedy. Willow works at the Lonely Moon, in her grandmother's tearoom.

Other info: Smiling is not something she does often.

Skin tone range in Prismacolor markers: Pale Peach - Brick Beige - Sand - Light Walnut
Character belongs to Eliza
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Willow wardrobe
Willow 2011

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