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Name: Juniper
Age: 9

Hair: Golden blonde, short, choppy, messy
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Fair
Height: 4'8"
Build: Average little kid build
Animal feature: Ginger-furred cat's ears

Signature colors: Red

Story: Juniper has lived at the Lonely Moon for as long as he can remember. An energetic young boy with too much pent-up energy, he often winds up ignoring orders not to run around indoors and then he breaks things. It's best for him to play outside, but playing in front of the inn would disturb the customers, and the back is rocky and undeveloped, so Ginger doesn't like him playing alone. She finally relents when Mint arrives at the Lonely Moon, since he's a boy around Juniper's age, but with three times as much a sense of responsibility.

Juniper is loyal to Mint, but when Mint starts to follow Willow after she sneaks out, he is unwilling to participate, not wanting to be in THAT much trouble.

Other info: Hates wearing shoes.

Skin tone range in Prismacolor markers: Light Peach - Sand - Light Walnut - Light Tan
Character belongs to Eliza
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Juniper 2011

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