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Name: Tara
Age: 11

Hair: Ash blonde, curls at ends. longish, usually wears a ribbon or headband
Eyes: Green
Skin: Fair
Height: 4'7" (138 cm)
Build: Knobbly

Signature colors: Apple green, apple red, but you can dress her in just about anything that's sort of country-girl

Story: Tara grew up on her parents' farm with her older sister, Tabitha. While Tara knows how to take care of the place, Tabitha was always the more responsible one, Tara enjoys playing and loves to make friends. When Asher showed up in their apple tree while their parents were away, Tara immediately befriended him. She was thrown into a vortex when Sound destroyed their farm and held for reward by pirates out in the sea, but with the help of Asher and Maline, the blue, she was able to escape.

From then on, she was Asher's closest partner during his travels and a necessary emotional support.

Other info: You can basically canon couple her with Asher, but they shouldn't do anything more than hold hands and sit close together.
Character belongs to Eliza
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