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Name: Ginger
Age: 31

Hair: Strawberry blonde, wavy, past her shoulders
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Fair
Height: 5'7" (171 cm)
Build: Slim and sexy
Animal feature: Ginger cat ears

Signature colors: Peach, pink

Story: Ginger was young when she got pregnant with her son, Juniper, and Juniper's father didn't stick around to see the boy born. Alone with a young baby, she found work at the Lonely Moon, where the owner, Rose, allowed Ginger to stay with her son. In return, Ginger works long hours, and while she enjoys her job (and is the favorite of most of the male patrons), she worries about Juniper constantly, since he doesn't always have companionship (Willow finds him annoying) and she herself doesn't have as much time with him as she'd like.

Other info: If you want, you could draw her with food, because food is one of my very very favoritest things (especially if it's free).

Skin tone range in Prismacolor markers: Light Peach - Sand - Light Walnut - Light Tan
Character belongs to Eliza
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