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Full name: Liara Doyle
Given name: Lia
DOB/age: Winter 1513/25

Hair: Light to medium brown, slightly wavy, a bit unruly, shoulder-length or a bit longer
Eyes: Ice blue
Skin: Tan, she's of mixed ancestry
Height: 5'7" (170 cm)
Build: Muscular enough, but very thin.

Signature colors: Red and any shade of it, black

Story: Lia's taken refuge on Ciarta Island, a cursed subtropical island where the sun's light is never seen. She wears the matching black ebony bracelets denoting an ex-criminal, which are enchanted to prevent her from wielding weapons or engaging in romantic liaisons. She's not open about her past for good reason - Ara, a former officer of the notorious pirate band the Circle of Many Faces, was in fact her alterego. She dressed up as a man because she knew she was a twin of curse, and a potential target for the Circle, thus she decided being a woman wasn't her wisest course of action. As Ara, she even participated in the kidnapping of her twin brother, Reeve. As an elder twin of curse, she cannot die before her brother, so when her fellow officer, Terryal, attempted to murder her, she took that opportunity to run to Ciarta in order to live a more quiet life. Incidentally, she's become best friends with Sam Ballard, who is clearly a twin of curse along with his sister Aislinn, but she has not shared that they have this in common, even though she is quite aware that Sam is in love with her.

Other info: She does enter a physical relationship with Sam (long before she's worn down enough by events to admit to his face that yes, she does love him) after her bracelets are removed. She is by far the more aggressive of the two.
Character belongs to Eliza
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