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Full name: Charlotte Ewing
Given name: Charlotte
DOB/age: Spring 1523/16

Hair: Black, ringlets, mid-back length
Eyes: Gray
Skin: Fair
Height: 5'2" (157.5 cm)
Build: Feminine

Signature colors: Blue, green, violet

Story: Charlotte's life changed forever when she found herself standing in the middle of an attack by the Circle on her home island of St. Thomas. She inadvertently witnessed the murder of Stephen Doyle, and would have been murdered next had Reeve Doyle not pulled her out of the streets and helped her hide - he also gave her his compass, which held a piece of cursed mirror in the lid, so that the Circle wouldn't claim it. She held onto it, and four years later she was attacked by Shadow demons. She suspected they were sent by the Circle, as they moved to take the compass from her. She ran into the ocean, not wanting to allow that, and wound up washed ashore on Ciarta Island, where she found it too tempting not to continue diving into the mystery.

Other info: She grew up a pampered rich girl, but adapts to new situations surprisingly well. Lia teaches her some preliminary defense with a sword, so eventually she begins carrying one, but fighting is not something she enjoys.
Character belongs to Eliza
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