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Name: Tabitha
Age: 13

Hair: Ash blonde, curls at ends, but she puts in rollers to enhance the effect
Eyes: Green
Skin: Fair
Height: 5'1" (155 cm)
Build: Slender

Story: Tabitha grew up on her parents' farm along with her younger sister, Tara. Both girls were taught to care for cows and horses, and to manage small crops and fruit trees. Tabitha has taken this work far more seriously, however, content to allow her little sister to live a more idyllic life.

Signature colors: Apple green, dark green

Their farm was torn asunder, however, when Sound came there, chasing Asher, and Tabitha escaped on a horse, not immediately aware of her sister's fate. Tabitha managed to ride to the coast and wound up at the lighthouse taken care of by Evelyn, the Indigo member of the Rainbow Covey. Having left word for her parents in Sanabar which she hoped they might receive someday, Tabitha remained at the lighthouse with Evelyn, who was grateful for the company, so that her parents might find her there. Tara had gone away with Asher, but knew where to find her sister.

Other info: Best drawn with her sister or with Evelyn (who will eventually have a reference ahhh I swear)
Character belongs to Eliza
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