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Name: Antinoli (Tino)
Age: 17
Skin: Medium brown
Hair: Dark. It's buzzed short on top, but he wears a thin, long ponytail in back - typical of acolytes in his grandfather's order.
Eyes: Dark brown
Height: 5'9" (175 cm)
Build: Solid, broad-shouldered
Favorite colors: Yellow, red
Fashion style: Kind of hippie. Loose cotton shirts and pants, often with embroidered patterns. Never blue jeans. Mostly wears clogs on his feet.

Tino has no strictly extranatural abilities. Shadowmancy is beyond him, and there aren't any witches in his family. However, his maternal grandfather belongs to an order that preserves the history of potion-making from the past, and Tino has learned from him. His most useful creation for the rest of the team is a glowing potion - an instant, portable light source that doesn't require batteries, enabling shadowmancy even when in the dark.

Having spent much time at his grandfather's compound in the Firebug Forest, Tino's wilderness skills are good, and he's also a pretty good cook.

Of note
He's always the one who can pull strings in cities to get the group a decent place to stay. He's also skilled enough that if the group needs money, he can usually make that happen, often by finding local flora and hawking potions.

Though he comes from a line that venerates nature and herbal medicines, Tino's diabetic (type I for those keeping track) and must use more modern means to treat himself.
Character belongs to Eliza
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