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Name: Aika
Age: 13
Hair: Dark ebony black, shortish and usually pulled into one or two teeny pigtails, or possibly a whalespout on top of her head.
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'1" (155 cm)
Build: Knobbly. She's just entering puberty.
Favorite colors: Red, teal
Fashion style: Shorts or capris, sleeveless tops, often with flower prints. As summery as the weather will allow.

Aika is from Topside Town, a mountain city that's home to a smaller citadel where thanks is given to the sun. Because of this, it is unseasonably warm on the mountain year-round and the citizens dress like they might in an otherwise much more tropical climate.

Aika has been learning shadowmancy since she turned 10, and is kind of the "black magician girl" of the group, though she so far lacks the discipline and self-control necessary to master it.

She has a small dog named Rina, but as Aika is not naturally a witch, Rina is not her familiar.

Of note
Aika and Alle work together out of necessity after the ship they are on is attacked by Umbriel, one of the demonized moon spirit fragments. Soon, Aika styles herself as Alle's best friend, something Alle indulges her.

Aika is a bit precocious and sometimes asks inappropriate questions.
Character belongs to Eliza
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Aika (chibi)

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