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Name Ilia ['ɪljɒ] Peranza
Born 5 BC (4 at time of Cataclysm)
Age at start of story 16
Age in reference picture 19

Height 5'3"/160cm (full-grown - at about age 16)
Build Skinny
Hair Deep red
Eyes Murky blue
Aura Red violet / Contrarian / Fire-Fire-Water

Jenna Peranza - Mother (deceased, year 0)
Toma Peranza - Father (deceased, year 0)
Kiki Laluna - Lover, eventual partner
Santi Laluna - Son, born year 17
Ali Laluna - Close friend
Horas Ritzi - Close friend
Haban Laluna - Employer


Were it not for the Cataclysm, Ilia would have grown up to be a pretty average citizen. However, as the son of scientists, both were in the room where the Cataclysm began, and they did not survive. Ilia's unique position is that he was in the room - and survived when Horas Ritzi (grandfather of the current Horas Ritzi, Ilia's peer) ran from the room with him in tow.

When Ilia was 16, the council had begun a project to investigate into the Cataclysm (having spent several years on legislation and policies that chiefly adjusted laws to a broken population and began social programs for those left without homes or families), and Haban Laluna asked to do a memory recall technique on him. Nervously, Ilia consented. The experience left him shaken and in tears, but as he composed himself, he found he did not regret it - it helped that Kiki, Haban's niece, had overheard some of their exchange, and managed to steal a photograph of Ilia's mother from Haban's files, and returned it to Ilia.

At school he soon became friends with classmates Ali Laluna and Horas Ritzi; Ali had ideas about improving life in the city, but he felt that his father and the rest of the council were being too slow and too cautious about the quarantined areas, and that they needed to work harder to restore the former technologies that were lost in the Cataclysm (electrical power, for example).

Ilia enjoyed Ali and Horas, but at times they grew a bit wild for him, so there were times at the Laluna's house he found himself talking with Kiki instead, and the two of them began a shaky friendship.

Eventually, Ali abandoned his family to run off and found the Glass Runners. Ilia remained in town - he applied for and was awarded a job as Haban Laluna's scribe when Haban was elected to the head of the city council, but there were always small feelings of guilt attached to that job, some for remaining in contact with Ali and breaking laws by sneaking out of the city every once in awhile, and some for beginning a romantic relationship with Kiki, Haban's niece, and keeping that a secret.

Kiki was thought to be infertile for a long time, but it was discovered that her body could be kicked back into several of its normal cycles were she exposed to positive elemental energy - the opposite of the energy that had rendered her infertile in the first place. They discovered this because she wound up pregnant by Ilia. Their son, Santi (named for Kiki's mother's father), was born in the summertime.

Some time later, they would have a daughter, named Jenna, for Ilia's mother. Both children bear Kiki's surname, since the laws of the Five Great Families stated that women and men were equal, and any child with one parent from one of the Five Great Families would take their surname.
Character belongs to Eliza
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