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Name: Alle
Age: 16
Hair: Light brown, straight, with pink streaks dyed in
Eyes: Light green
Height: 5'5" (165 cm)
Build: Thin in that "is a teenager who will fill out in her early 20s" kind of way.
Favorite colors: Yellow, pink, green
Fashion style: Comfortable stylish; mid-length dresses and leggings, long- or short-sleeved babydoll shirts, short skirts with long socks, etc. She likes to layer, and likes patterns and bright colors.

Alle is the first of the group to become a shadowmancer. It runs in the family, though her mother never told her about it. This means that she can manipulate her shadow depending on the strength of it at the time (which has to do with if there's a light source bright and focused enough for her to cast a large and dark shadow).

She also has some witch in her lineage, and her mother considered her a bit of a screw-up for winding up with a dopey dog as a familiar. Micki understands anything Alle says to her. If Micki and Alle are separated, Micki acts more or less like a normal dog (though she trusts Alle's friends and will obey basic dog commands from them).

Of note
Alle was very prepared when she ran away from home (as opposed to her friend Orri). She brought a few changes of clothes, toiletries, food, and a sleeping bag (orange with flowers, as pictured). Her wilderness skills are severely lacking, though, due to her spending her entire youth in the urban environment of White Hall.
Character belongs to Eliza
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