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Full name: Matthias Noah Crawford
Given name: Matthias
DOB/age: Spring 2505/20

Hair: Light blonde, long bangs in front as pictured, buzzed in back
Eyes: Deep blue
Skin: Fair
Height: 5'11" (180 cm)
Build: Muscular

Signature colors: Aqua blue, sky blue, navy blue

Background: His life used to be working in a clothing shop during the day and going out to party at the bars by night (the drinking age on Asherah is 18). What should have been a meaningless one-night-stand instead had him wake up in a hospital a month later with a scar on his back across his left shoulder blade. He joined up with Joe Gabriel to help dismantle the abandoned military sky bases in exchange for a quiet life and a decent government paycheck.

Profile image
First picture from 2004

Other info: Couple with Molly, they can be drawn doing pretty much whatever.
Character belongs to Eliza
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Matthias reference

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