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Full name: Samsel Ballard
Given name: Sam
DOB/age: Autumn 1511/27

Hair: Stark white, feathery, frames his face
Eyes: Misty gray; myopic and wears glasses
Skin: Very pale
Height: 5'8" (173 cm)
Build: Average; not particularly strong.

Signature colors: Blue, white, gray

Story: Sam grew up on the Misty Isles in a large family, and dreamed of becoming a doctor. He had begun studying to become one in his mid-to-late teens, but one night when he was seventeen his father, drunk, lost it and tried to strangle Sam, saying he was too much of a sissy to go do proper work and support the family. No one knew that Sam, immortal due to being an elder twin of curse, would survive the attack, so his sister Aislinn left her wheelchair, crawled to the kitchen for a knife, and ended their father to save her brother. Sam, more loyal to his twin sister than anyone else, accompanied her to Ciarta Island so that she would not hang. He never finished his training to become a physician, but used his acquired knowledge to become an herbalist and he deals in medicines. His life has become more complicated since Lia appeared on Ciarta Island, two years prior, and they have become as close as Lia will allow anyone to be to her. Sam is in love with her, but he can't pursue that and it frustrates him.

Other info: When Lia seduces him into bed he's only too happy to go along with it. He is a lot less aggressive than she is.
Character belongs to Eliza
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