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Name Ali Laluna
Born 5 BC (5 at time of Cataclysm)
Age at start of story 16
Age in reference picture 19

Height 5'11"/180cm (full-grown - at about age 16)
Build Strong and slender
Hair Gold
Eyes Light blue
Aura Aqua blue / Harmonious / Water-Water-Wood
Carina Laluna - Mother (deceased, year 0)
Haban Laluna - Father
Kiki Laluna - Cousin
Laeta Laluna - Cousin
Astri Laluna - Stepmother
Ilia Peranza - Close friend
Horas Ritzi - Close friend
Lyle Lascrit - Business partner (as it were)



Cliff Notes version:
- parents had him really young
- can't stand his stepmother
- loves his father as family but thinks he's wrong as a politician
- eventually leaves town to form "glass runners," who aim to improve the town not by social programs but by bringing technology to its former level
- While still in town, notorious womanizer
Character belongs to Eliza
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Ali Laluna

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