Character Art Exchange

Characters belonging to Stareyes

Phoenix Dawn Comic Cast

Characters featured in my webcomic.

Offsite ProfileAlri Aborin
Alien female pilot and swordswoman.
Female child and royal adviser.
Offsite ProfileAris Darenka
Alien female child.
Offsite ProfileDelwyn Hywel
Elven male king, with an interest in magic.
Offsite ProfileKai Shoresprite
Fairy scholar
Offsite ProfileKimiko al Fahd
Djinni female mage and spy.
Alien female psychic and starship crew.
Offsite ProfileMiklin D'lani
Alien male child.
Offsite ProfilePhilandre Murchadh
Male selkie double-agent.
Alien female doctor and psychic.
Offsite ProfileRiki Darenka
Male alien engineer and psychic.
Offsite ProfileSaria Terrence
Female human child.
Offsite ProfileShashi Matsushita
Male kitsune mage.
Phoenix Dawn EU

Characters from my comic's universe, but who never appear in the comic itself.

Local ProfileMar Darenka
Alien female politician. Riki's mother.
Local ProfileTreyao Lupera
Alien male engineer and Riki's father.
Offsite ProfileElise Connor
Human female pilot and fortuneteller.
Offsite ProfileRavi Falk
Male merfolk mage.
Roleplaying Characters

Original characters I've played in RPGs. Or would have played.

Local ProfileAda Leclair
Female scion and college hacker.
Local ProfileAlex Fitzgerald
Female half-orc art student.
Local ProfileIshi Yamazaki
Silicon-based mage
Goddess of a reborn civilization
Local ProfileRed Black
Male anthropomorphic-cat mercenary.
Local ProfileZack Marshall
Human male priest and paladin.
Telepathic male horse. Healer and mage.
Offsite ProfileMelisan Lastin
Elf priest and ambassador.
Human male knight.
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