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Zack Marshall

Zack was a tabletop RPG character who later ended up splitting in two -- in addition to the game I created him for, I played two different future-versions of him in two games. (Plus an alternate-universe take on him in a third.) I'll give the common background first.

Zack was a Catholic priest recruited by a secret government organization for his knowledge of ancient languages and religion. The fact many of his teammates were of dubious morality and Zack knew very little of magic meant it didn't go over well. Then the group was sent into the Amazonian rainforest, discovered the growing non-human population was coming from Elsewhere, blew things up by accident and ended up in cryogenic suspension for 30 years...

... when they woke up, the veil that blocked humans from noticing magic and non-humans was down and their former boss had taken over the world with help from the drow. Cue Unlikely Band of Rag-Tag Heroes. Zack suffered a crisis of faith -- how could such global destruction happen -- but came out of it stronger... and with the divine gifts of a paladin.

The group, with a few additions, was able to take on their old boss and triumph. A near-death encounter and what can only be described as a miraculous healing left Zack with a vision to do what he can to restore his own religion and help it adjust to the dropping of the Veil.

Zack's general personality is a not-so-reluctant hero. As much as he says he'd rather live a quiet life, it doesn't take much to make him want to be a hero. He's still more prone to words than violence, and has a strict sense of duty. He's also a major history and language geek.


Zack is a bit shy of 6 feet and in good shape. He's in his late 20s, but his problems with growing facial hair makes him look younger. He's a blond, with brown eyes. He's also got several scars on his torso from gunshot wounds and a nasty-looking one on his chest from a heavy blade.
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