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Alex Fitzgerald

Alex was created as a side character for a private RPG I'm in, set in the late 2030s, 30 years after a group of people blew the fact that various D&D-esque non-humans were living among them in secret, veiled by magic.

Alex herself was born to a human woman, and is only around 20 herself, so she doesn't remember a point when nonhumans weren't open... or that she was excluded because of her orcish heritage. She never met her father, though later came into contact with a half-brother of hers. She doesn't consider herself book-smart but earned a scholarship as a sculptor at an art school.

Alex is from the same universe Zack is, and attends his parish. She was moderately suspicious of organized religion but is a practicing Catholic, though not always a very good one.

She has dark brown, wavy hair, blue eyes and skin with a greenish tinge to it. She also has slightly pointed/elongated ears (less so than I drew here), and a pretty solid build -- she's tall, has broad shoulders for a woman, and is pretty curvy.
Character belongs to Stareyes