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Ishi Yamazaki

Ishi is from a kitchen-sink roleplay (seriously the game was based on a combination of Mortal Kombat and the RIFTS Megaverse) featuring a cosmic battle between two sets of martial-arts-knowing demigods traveling the multiverse to influence realms towards their opposing philosophies.

Ishi was born on an alien world, whose magical experiments opened up a serious problem, destroying the planet and flinging the survivors throughout the multiverse. Ishi, a child at the time, ended up on a post-apocalyptic Earth and taken in by a human mage, Beth Yamazaki. Ishi is a nickname, both sounding like his full name (Ishikesla) and a pun on his appearance.

Ishi was recruited to the Light, the side supporting free choice after running into trouble, and has been working for them ever since. Notable experiences include his team visiting Hell (and Ishi getting possessed by a demon), accidentally starting a nuclear war on an alternate Earth by setting off the Big One over San Francisco, and fighting a one-on-one duel to prevent his teammate, a elementalist mage named Bridgette, from being captured by an enemy with a grudge. (He failed and ended up with a shattered leg, but came damn close to winning.)

Ishi is most known for being a magical geek (asking for pay in spells, for example) and being a generalist mage though he's also a fair hand at computers. He also serves as the group's 'tank' -- being made of rock, he is tough even for a demigod -- and moral compass.

Ishi's natural form looks like a tall and skinny humanoid made of clear crystal. He normally doesn't bother with things like 'clothing' in this form (unless he thinks he might need to shapechange or is wearing armor). He does have a magical watch that, among other things, acts as a shapechange spell. His human form is a East Asian male in his 20s.

Ishi appears in Strength and Aftermath
Character belongs to Stareyes