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Ada Leclair

Adelaide Leclair is a RPG character from a Scion game that never got off the ground. If you don't know Scion, it features the mortal children of gods. Ada is a child of Shango, a Yoruba deity also worshiped as a loa in Hatian Vodou.

Ada was raised by her mother's twin sister, a lwayer working in social justice. Ada did volunteer work in high school at the local senior center, showing the residents how to use the computer. It was here that her need for justice and to defend the little guy asserted itself. She noticed how easy a target the older people were for scammers, and started working out ways to take them down, as well as educating the older folks about how to avoid them. It was here that it occurred to her that technology was rapidly outpacing society and someone had to stick up for the little guy against the big corporations and scam artists.

Since then, Ada has both been a veritable font of computer knowledge at her college campus. It's widely suspected that if it's electronic, she could manipulate it. She's been known to do favors for other students, but only if it fits her standards of fairness. Woe to the student who asks her to hack a professor's computer for grades -- most likely, she'll just tell them 'no'. If they push it, she might be tempted to indulge her prankish side.

As Ada's skills grow, more and more she is tempted to be more proactive. Instead of just targeting scam artists, and helping 'her people' protect themselves, she is wondering if she could use her skills to make the world a 'fairer place' -- by, say, taking money out of Wal-mart's accounts and routing it to the small businesses it is sending out of business.

We never did get to play out Ada's awakening to her nature as the daughter of a god, but most of her heroic abilities are focused on sussing out conmen and tricksters, though she also has, as the daughter of a sky god, the ability to move and jump almost like she can fly.

Ada is African-American, with dark skin, black hair and brown eyes. Here I drew her with dreadlocks, pulled away from her face. She normally doesn't wear jewelry, and when she does, it is mostly glass and leather. She has an interest in tattoos and scarification, but currently lacks the funds to get something done. She dresses in an eclectic manner, mostly from thrift stores and vintage clothing shops. She also owns a gray men's dress coat, a gift from her father, patterned to look like feathers and gifts her with the ability to jump so high she is practically floating.
Character belongs to Stareyes