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Red Black

Red was a roleplaying character who never quite got off the ground. He was a mercenary and kind of a jerk who was mostly interested in women, booze, food and killing things.

Well, and protecting his adoptive brother. (Half the time from himself.) Despite his reputation, Red likes his adoptive family, and he and his brother, Gray, regularly send home money to their parents.

Red was an anthropomorphic cat with a genetic disorder (he has an extra X chromosome). Hence, the 'calico' coloring that only female cats (and anthro-cats) have. Because of this, he was abandoned at birth and adopted by a human couple with a young son. Problem was, anthro-cat infants look a lot like regular kittens, and aren't quite able to explain the difference.

Hence his unfortunate birth name of 'Buttons', though everyone calls him 'Red'.

All these things explain why Red is a surly mercenary. He doesn't especially do 'cute cat-boy'.

Anthropomorphic cat -- he's got red, black and white spots, and one blue and one yellow eye. Tall, and kind of built. Normally dresses practically and is almost always in light armor while working.
Character belongs to Stareyes
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