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Leedin is the goddess of measured time, textiles and sand on the planet Thusia. Her exact nature has changed since her birth, sometime around the dawn of agriculture, based on how people viewed her domains. Currently, she is a bit myopic to her domains, detailed-oriented but fussy, and rather lonely.

Thusia suffered a civil war between the gods, with the sides loosely divided between 'natural' gods who wanted humanity to return to a state when they could not control nature, and the 'civilized' gods (Leedin's side) who were happy with the status quo. The war ended badly when the gods woke up the ancient god of the oceans who decided to wipe out humans. The civilized gods used their final store of power to bring humans from other worlds and aid them to getting a foothold on a now-dangerous planet: in addition to Leedin's role with textiles, she uses her power to both restore ruins and fix any untimely deaths of their colonists, as the Goddess of Death makes it clear she doesn't see the rules as needing revision.

Physical Description
Leedin's physical manifestation can and has varied, but her current form is of a dark-skinned girl in her early teens. She has dark eyes, and wears her black hair in an intricate braided hairstyle (which does change). Her clothing style is pretty much 'colorblind hippie', but it's all well made and usually embroidered or otherwise decorated.
Character belongs to Stareyes
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