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Treyao Lupera

Treyao is the father of Rikayo and Aris. As a teenager, he struggled both with being a psychic in a society that believed that true mystics had gone extinct and that the off-worlders who could use such talents would corrupt the young, and with being uncomfortably different than his peers. Unlike his son, Treyao was never really able to escape that, though shifting to a more open community when he married Mar Darkena did help.

Treyao comes off as a closed, almost sullen man who is only able to relax fully around his wife and a few trusted friends. He unintentionally struggled with raising his older son because of the strong resemblance between himself as a young man. Luckily, Treyao and Mar were a lot more prepared to deal with their children than Treyao's parents had been.

Treyao has two-tone brown hair, pale skin and blue eyes. He and his son Rikayo (Riki) look a lot alike in facial structure, with the exception of Treyao being a generation older. Also note the double-stranded hair ornament in the reference picture, which is like a wedding ring for Darynese couples.

Love at First Sight by Ardruna shows a younger Treyao with his family. Salad Days shows a teenaged Treyao.
A Custom Worth Importing and Faces are short stories in which a younger Treyao appears.
Character belongs to Stareyes