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Mar Darenka

Mar Darenka is the equivalent of a Prime Minister on the planet Daryn, leader of both her clan and a coalition of 'liberal' clans that currently have a majority of the influence. To many of the conservative faction, she is a dangerous woman, interested in alien contact and changing social mores. Mar, well traveled and well read, would describe her own position as building up Darynese culture and modernizing their industry precisely so they aren't overwhelmed.

She also is the mother of Riki and Aris, adores her children. However, her politics and her personal life are heavily entwined, so some of that does rub off.

Mar is a woman in her forties during the timescale of the comic. She has brown hair with a red forelock. As a political gesture, she usually has some touch of yellow on her clothing. She also wears two braided blue-and-red cords in her hair on the right, which are like a wedding ring. (See the picture below -- they are identical to her husband's.)

Love at First Sight by Ardruna shows a younger Mar with her family.
A Custom Worth Importing is a short story Mar appears in when she is a young woman and engaged to her husband.
Character belongs to Stareyes