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Characters belonging to quoting_mungo

A furry webcomic about three roommates' trials and tribulations as they try to find Mr. or Ms. Right in a college town. Not always worksafe.

Local ProfileBlake Masterson
Anthropomorphic quagga, college student in an unnamed university town.
Local ProfileSarah Woolf
Anthropomorphic impala, college student in an unnamed university town.

A sometimes furry fantasy webcomic set in and around the kingdom of Erigineea, featuring Paladins and the people around them making often quite stupid choices.

Special powers have started to crop up in part of the population somewhere in a near future. Far from all of these "transhumans" have powers useful for crimefighting, but sometimes heroes are found in strange places.

Local ProfileKazhanik Valensky
Transhuman in the shape of an anthropomorphic bat, who spent the first several years of his life in captivity as a circus freak.
Characters not on a list

Local ProfileVichay "Skittles" Chromus
A shapeshifting vagabond, marked for life with magical tattoos to warn others about his condition, but never letting their odd looks or disapproval get to him.
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