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Vichay "Skittles" Chromus

Name: Vichay (VEE-chay) "Skittles" Chromus
Species: Appears as whatever he feels like at the time; often this will be a weird Frankensteining of features he decided he liked in other species.
Eye color: Right eye green; left eye yellow
Distinguishing marks: A purple diamond tattoo on his forehead, tattooed patches around his eyes (green and yellow respectively), stylized wing swirl tattoos on his shoulder blades (red and blue), and an orange fleur de lis tattooed over his tailbone.

Vichay was born a shapeshifter, which by the people he was born to was considered a very bad omen - he was small enough to not clearly remember when he received the magical tattoos to serve as a warning and seal (the placement, color, and shape of these tattoos is highly symbolic and they all reinforce each other's mystical power). He cannot shift to hide these tattoos, and while he can effect their brightness and hue somewhat, they remain basically the color they've always been, or at least close enough to be named that color. Each tattoo seals one color away from him, leaving him able to shift his fur pattern only in the white-to-black range, though he typically sticks roughly to the same pattern anyway, regardless of what shape he's in.

If he shifts into a shape that has a limb or similar where a tattoo is, that limb/whatever will take that color. This means that if he were to change into a unicorn, he'd have a purple horn, and if he gives himself wings they'll be one red and one blue.

His shapeshifting abilities include the ability to change his physical sex at will, though he remains firmly male-identified, and in general doesn't really see a strong correlation between body and gender since his own body shape is so fluid. These abilities are also temporarily transmissible through his bodily fluids (similar to an STD), and while the effects will fade in those that are exposed to it, it can be traumatizing to those who do not expect it.

Personality-wise, Vichay is a very easy-going kind of guy, generally happy. He'll be polite to people who disapprove of him, and as friendly as he can get away with to those who welcome him. When arriving to a new area, he'll often try to lie low until he's managed to discern what sort of shape might inspire the least upset in the locals.

About drawing him: You can draw Veech however you want, really; male, female, neuter, human, anthro, feral, eldrich abberation... You can also put him in any situation you can think up, pretty much. I'd prefer if there was some kind of context to his shape if he's in a readily identifiable one (as opposed to a random chimera), but whatever strikes your fancy, really. He's intended as a "have fun with him!" character.
Character belongs to quoting_mungo
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