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Sarah Woolf

Sarah's upbringing was in the upper levels of society, and though she came out alright, her mother's views on class are a perpetual source of embarrassment for her. Attending college on her parents' dime, she is restricted to classes which her mother would approve of nevermind that those courses on modern sexuality sound a lot more interesting than conjugating French verbs.

Having grown up largely sheltered from reality, and being used to her mother (or a governess in her mother's pocket) watching her every move, the freedom of moving into the cute little duplex she shares with Toni and Blake, out of Mrs. Woolf's reach, is intoxicating to Sarah, who might for a while act somewhat self-destructively as a result. She's a pretty decent girl at heart, though, if prone to doing her best to dodge out of being lectured, no matter how deserved the lecture is. While that tendency in itself more of an annoyance than a real problem, she sometimes ends up dragging others into her messes in the process.

Sarah is, for the most part, basically an anthropomorphic impala, with brown eyes and brown hair. Note that her ears are longer than they should be on any sensible impala (because her mother is a rabbit), and she's afflicted with perpetual bad hair day; the hair on the back of her head is always a mess.

Sarah is from the webcomic I.C.Q.
Character belongs to quoting_mungo
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