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Blake Masterson

Blake lives in a rented house together with his two roommates: Sarah and Toni. He has a pretty normal family life (and a perfectly healthy relationship with his parents and younger sister), though Sarah's lack of life experience forms a pretty much irresistable temptation for him to poke fun at her for it. While he did move towns to go to college, he goes back to his parents' house over the weekend for family activities reasonably often.

He gets out and about fairly often, and is more or less always up for tagging along on a bar run or a night out clubbing if asked. Other than that he enjoys the outdoors, regularly goes to the gym, is at least reasonably devoted to his studies (for someone who for the most part tries to keep up with all the requisite partying going on around campus, anyway), and claims to like candle-lit dinners and romantic walks on the beach. Easy-going as he is, he rarely minds lending a hand.

He does mind Toni's cat chucking up hairballs in his underwear drawer, but that's his own fault for not shutting it, really.

Blake is a pretty basic quagga; he has warm brown fur fading to a rich yellow and then white on his chest and forearms, with alternating darker and white stripes, and brown eyes. He's pretty tall and solidly built, though not the Hulk or anything. I do try to keep his stripe pattern, especially on his face, fairly consistent between images.

Blake appears in the webcomic I.C.Q..
Character belongs to quoting_mungo
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