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Sentuvian Group

These characters are in related stories that involve a specific, humanoid species called Sentuvians.

Five hundred years in the future, Mayeli lives in a colony on Earth. Her planet and deity have recently been destroyed by an alien race that insists on annihilating her people. She's a rather numb girl trying to find purpose.
Local ProfileRaven Nyff
Raven is a pixie with the ability to morph between human and pixie forms. He's currently in hiding from an organization that's determined to destroy every member of his species.
Shit Happens to Orcs

Fantasy story with orcs and crazy people.

He's an orc- green skin, pointy ears, mean looking face. Except he's really not that mean. He wants a simple life with an honest living, yet he always finds himself mixed up in bizarre situations. Shit always happens to orcs.
Sam is a Rakashan (the form of a human with the features of a cat). On top of that she's also a berserker. And on top of that, some jerk cast a spell on her and she sometimes morphs into a man. Sam has a lot of problems.
Characters not on a list

Red is a fox soul reaper (yes a fox- not a human/fox- an actual fox). He wields a scythe (holding it in his mouth) and collects souls that haven't yet figured out how to "move on" from the Earth plane. He really hates his job.
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