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On the outside, Red is very cute- large eyes and very large ears. He wears a cute little reaper's outfit and he has 5 fluffy tails. Those who see him think he's just adorable. He hates that more than he hates his job. He hates being cute and doesn't like people all that much either.

His personality is moody and he doesn't like to be bothered, so he's a loner. He's often a wise guy and says rude comments. Despite his harsh personality, he has a "fan following" of other soul reaper's and a few humans who have seen him.

Red's color scheme:
Fur: white body with reddish/brown tails (more towards the tips). The little "floating balls" at the end of his tails are white. His inner ears are dark red/crimson

Scythe: Dark oak wood handle wrapped in a black cloth and tied with a white string. The blade of the scythe is steel/silver

Face: His nose is reddish/black and his eyes are a yellow-green
Character belongs to CassPoe
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