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Species: Sentuvian (related to humans/another species of human from a different planet)

Physical traits: she appears in every way identical to a human being. She is 17 years old, medium build, 5'6". Round, almost square face, petite nose, brown medium-sized eyes, full lips. Often appears tired or run-down. Skin is a light brown/tan (like Polynesian skin-color)

Hair: light brown hair. She wears it plain. Cut short in a pixie-style cut with layers.

Clothes: mostly wears summer dresses (knee length, straps instead of sleeves) and sandals or she goes bare foot. No jewelry. No make-up.

Personality: Very happy as a child when she arrived on Earth at age eight. As she entered her teenage years she became more and more disillusioned. Now that her home planet and star (seen as their deity) have been destroyed, she has mixed feelings about it. She's caught in an in-between place and has become very numb and more of an observer of life and the world instead of actively participating in things.


Location: lives in a colony about 75 miles away from a high-tech earth city named Sycamore. Her people have been colonized on Earth for many decades and she is the only one in her colony that was born on their home planet (the rest were born on Earth)

Colony Info: They live without technology. They farm, build things themselves, use horses to get around, etc. They also do not have a money or barter system. They have positions like farmer, baker, carriage driver, etc. but it is considered a part of their daily life/purpose to fill these positions and goods and services are exchanged for free (no money/exchange of something needed). There are leaders within each colony. Mayeli's colony has three leaders which are referred to as "Elders" (though one of them is quite young!)

Powers: This human species evolved on a different planet with a harsh, barely livable climate. Over time, they developed certain powers and were able to influence their environment to be more habitable. They can feel and "communicate" with elements and particles, etc. These powers are extremely useful on their home planet, however they are not very useful on Earth with has a more livable environment. As children growing up in Earth colonies, they are still trained to use and develop their powers, though they are not used as much.

Character belongs to CassPoe
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