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She especially has a problem if she morphs into that weak, human man in the middle of a battle- at which time she runs like hell.

Sam has cat ears and a cat tail. However, she loves dreadlocks and putting beads and stuff in her hair, so her ears are never seen. She also prefers the whole bohemian look and the "wearing a skirt over pants" look. She's often barefoot. And her weapon of choice is a double-edged spear.

When she morphs into a man, she loses all her feline powers, like her agility and claws, and the ability to become a berseker- and she also looks pretty pathetic. The jerk who cast the spell on her thought it would be hilarious if she turned into an OLD man with white hair, wrinkly skin, and an asthma problem. Hilarious. And when she finds the guy who cursed her, she'll show him just how hilarious she thinks it is.
Character belongs to CassPoe
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