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Facial features: Oval shaped, pointy ears, big nose, pointy teeth (they don't stick out of his mouth, though), no hair, large round eyes (larger and more round that typical orcs), thin lips (doesn't frown). He's basically a mix of scary and gentle features, so his expressions can go either way

Body: Beefy, lots of muscles, green skin, huge hands and feet, kind of clumsy

Clothing: He's too big to fit into shirts, so he mostly wears leather pants with a few pouches on his belt to hold necessary items. He also can't find any boots to fit him, so he wears leather wrapped around his feel and secured with some rope. If it's cold or he doesn't feel like having people stare at his giant pecs, he wears a wool poncho.

Colors: earth colors like olive greens, dark reds, browns. He's fond of purple.

Piercings: None. Why would he do that? His momma didn't raise him that way.


Personality: He doesn't need to say anything to be intimidating or scare someone so much they wet themselves. All he has to do is stand there and scowl. He's an orc of few words, which is what usually gets him into bizarre situations. He possibly has a human ancestor, but that's yet to be proven.

He's a likable guy once you get past the scary face. He's a farmer, so he has a love and appreciation for the land. He dreams of owning his own farm and settling down with a sweet female orc and raising a family.

He can be slow at times, so if you try to tell him a joke, he may not get it.

He's good with most weapons and uses whatever is available.


Basics of his story: His world setting is pure fantasy- no guns, no cars, just magic and brute force set in a typical forest/mountain landscape. To make ends meet, Daljia takes on odd jobs that require strength- sometimes he's a warrior, other times he might be hired to protect someone on a journey.

He ends up taking on what seems to be a simple mission for the queen. But when he picks up two traveling companions- Sam, who is a strong woman cursed to randomly turn into a feeble old man, and Jacob, who is an orange talking cat who used to be human (more curses by traveling gypsies)- his life gets way more complicated.

What follows is a basic plot to stop a group set on enslaving others for profit, with killer clowns, gender bending, death and resurrection, trips to ghost realms, and magical necklaces that seem to do way more than they should...all because shit always happens to orcs.
Character belongs to CassPoe
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