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My DA gallery for my comic MUSE.
Rough Draft MUSE pages:
Finished MUSE Pages:

Local ProfileAidan McGee
Composition student at MUSE Academy. He has red hair and gold eyes.
Local ProfileAzra Lenis
A dance student at MUSE Academy for the Arts. He is very tall and thin, with a mop of black hair and large curious eyes. He is never seen without a pair of small bells, a gift from his 'older brother'
Local ProfileCampbell Morgenstern
Violin student at the MUSE Academy for the Arts. He is a virtuoso, holding first chair in the orchestra and is class president: a real golden boy.
Local ProfileGuren 'Glen' Odanuki
Glen is a piano student at MUSE Academy. He green eyes and dark reddish brown hair which he keeps tied in a pony tail. He has recently suffered the loss of his fiancee. He is Scottish of Japanese descent (his father is from Japan).
Hannah is a dance student who wants to become part of the Kirov ballet company. She has strawberry blonde hair and freckles.
Local ProfileHazel Hart
A vocal student at MUSE. Hazel is Aidan's childhood best friend. She has long brown hair and hazel eyes
Local ProfileIzzy D'Argent
Izzy is the newest Head Director of MUSE. As well as his administrative duties, he teaches a much coveted special class of extraordinarily gifted students. His unorthodox teaching methods and personality earned him the reputation of a mad genius.
Raziel is the Angel of Secrets.

A creation myth set in the same universe (Multiverse :D) as MUSE.

Local ProfileLyrebird
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