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Characters belonging to Anke

Eodea is a pre-modern fantasy kitchen sink setting. There is more general information at the link for the really curious, but no characters with descriptions.

Young elementarist mage specialising in plant manipulation.

This is a long-abandoned webcomic. I'm only listing it in case someone really, really prefers drawing anthros to drawing humans/humanoids.

My version of the ever popular "our modern world with supernatural beings hiding in the corners"-setting. There are a few general notes and a few more characters at the link.

Guardian angel
Demon. Bureaucrat by day, seducer by night (rather scarce profile)
Plant elemental
Jessica Altmann
Images: 3 by others
Characters not on a list

Nico is a human turned immortal who jumps around between worlds. She’s friendly, energetic and tomboyish.
Female human bandit. Rather scarce profile, 2 decent reference images.
Images: 10 by others
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