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Elroy is a shapechanger favouring the shape (and size) of a human. He acts as a guardian angel, which has earned him spectral wings as "badge of office". Suffering from terminal goodwill, he often comes across rather clueless and na´ve.


1,72m (a bit under 5'8''), lean; narrow face, often looks a bit tired. His wings are not corporeal. They are visible in darkness or deep shadow as faint, blueish light. His hair is blond, shortish and slightly locked, and he has blue eyes.

His clothes tend to fit well and be tidy. He's mostly seen wearing shirts or turtlenecks, jeans, cord jeans, plain shoes or boots, maybe a cord jacket in muted colours - brown, beige, light blue or very dark blue - unless he would stand out like a sore tumb in those (and somethimes even then).


Elroy is very kind and patient, and nearly always smiles. He belives that all people could get along nicely if they would stop actively trying to hurt each other. Even if someone proved to be nasty, he'll assume they are all right deep down.

Usually he's quite busy with his charge (he takes his job very seriously), so he doesn't have much time for hobbies. He does love libraries, though.
Character belongs to Anke
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