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Sylvie originally comes from a city-state in a subtropic climate, but gets around a lot (though I'm keeping her in pre-modern fantasy settings). Her homeworld is a fantasy-kitchen-sink setting where magic is not usually flashy.

Sylvie is interested in anything connected with her field(s) - something in the general corner of botany-medicine-anatomy -, but for the most part looking for practical knowledge rather than philosophical questions. She does want to know how useful things work, or how things work to be able to do something useful with them.

When dealing with strangers she defaults to friendly interest. Part of this is practised manners rather than a completely genuine "I like everyone"-attitude. She has been taught a certain reserve, and taking care to leave a good impression, but she can get unselfconsciously enthusiastic when she gets caught up in something interesting.


You can view all images and sketches I ever considered good enough to upload on my private website - don't panic about the amount of details, I'm just providing it for people who lice that kind of info. :)

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Portrait of Sylvie
Caught a Fochs
Sylvie (Aug 2015)

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