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A friendly full grown "maneless" male lion.
Local ProfileCasey whitlock
A T-rex cowboy :)
A wyvern guardian who is at his bets guarding a church or a hospital
Fish Assassin
Fast moving hedgehog with a heart of gold :)
Local ProfileDoctor Falcon
A wonderful, good natured doctor with a big heart and a caring, loving personality
Local ProfileDoctor Floss
A MLP OC, he's specializes in Dentistry
Formerly my lion version of Draco from the HP series, now something else entirely :)
A big animal of the feline variety, who is never without a smile!
Local ProfileFreightrain
A large, angry feline like animal.
Crystal's kitty..who isn't what he seems exactly ;)
Crystal's young father. The two are very close and have an unbreakable bond.
Local ProfileKamakari
My lioness character, meant to be a TLK universe fursona :)
Local ProfileKillroy Harriphin
A ravenous shark hybrid.
Local ProfileRachel-Ni
Rachel-Ni is basically me as an anthro character. She's a pinkish-purple echidna with blue eyes and brown hair :)
A kind-hearted blood elf hunter
A peaceful friendly snake :)
My shy and sweet wigglytuff gal :)
Crystal's protective and loving boyfriend (and future husband)
A "goth", but highly intelligent lion.
A sporty orca man :)
A blue-tailed skink with a native bloodline :)
My red gyarados character :)
Images: 2 by others
Images: 2 by others
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