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A terrifying world spawned from the mind of a small child, trapped in an asylum

Local ProfileChatterbox
Teh jaws that bite, the claws that catch...
Watch how they wiggle and they squirm...
Local ProfilePatrick “Patches” Conner
Patrick is a rather shy, timid and wary child. It takes him a bit to warm up to strangers.
In the Darkness

Here is a list of a few of my characters from a world full of creatures who live hidden next to normal humans.

Faust is a mad demon who is bound to Ophelia.
Local ProfileIckus Cyncaid Dougall O’Byrne
Ickus is a ghoul who loves to party.
Local ProfileOphelia De LaCroix
Ophelia projects an aura of cute innocence. From her rosy cheeks to her sparkling blue eyes she paints the picture of the perfect little girl, despite the fact she is one of the Nephilim Organization's deadliest agents.
Malice in the Underlands

A little girl nicknamed "Malice" is thrown in a strange land in a quest to save her parents from their pet poodle who in the Underlands, is an evil genius.

Local Profile The Dragon Derkholm
Derkholm is an obsolete dragon lord from a bygone era, a dark cave has been his home for the last several centuries. Almost every nook and cranny of the labyrinth like passages are filled with shelves and shelves of books.
Malice is an eight year old who possesses an adult intelligence and a wild and rather dark (and distressing to her parents) imagination. She can see things other people can't, like the large and rather dangerous rabbit that has been following her about.
Pink poodles are just plain evil. Those with aspirations of world domination are even more so.
Local ProfileVorpal Bunny
The Vorpal bunny is a strange sort of fellow. He's rather snarky and sarcastic, while at the same time a total enigma to Malice. His motives are unclear. Is he there to help Malice, or use her for his own nefarious deeds?
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