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Ophelia De LaCroix

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a. Name: Ophelia De LaCroix

b. Gender: Female

c. Age: 9 years old

d. Physical Heath: Ophelia is extremely healthy

e. Appearance: Ophelia projects an aura of cute innocence. From her rosy cheeks to her sparkling blue eyes she paints the picture of the perfect little girl. She wears her white/blond, naturally curly hair loose. At 3 feet 5 inches, she seems small and helpless but nothing could be further from the truth. Her usual attire is a black dress with a white petticoat underneath, a pair of black and white stripped socks and her feet are usually clad in black Mary Jane's. She is very meticulous when it comes to cleaning. One must be, so that no evidence is left behind...

f. Intelligence: Ophelia is frighteningly intelligent. She is the brains, keeping Faust in line and covering their tracks so that they never get caught.

g. Diet: Ophelia has a fairly normal diet, and knows the value of healthy eating. Once in a while though, her child like nature appears and she can’t help but indulge in chocolates and other such sweets..

h. Family Origins: Growing up, Ophelia life was filled with many bizarre events. When she was two, her father killed himself after accidentally running over her trike while backing his car out of the drive way. When she was four her mother was committed to an asylum after assaulting a store clerk, two old women and a security guard, in a toy store right after she refused to buy Ophelia a doll she wanted. After that Ophelia was sent from foster home to foster home, leaving a path of tragedy behind her. At the tender age of five, the Nephilim Organization took her into custody, realizing she had a very potent telepathic ability. Not only could she pick up on other people's surface thoughts, she could influence people with her own. After several years of training, she became one of their best and deadliest agents. She had the ability to get in and out of places without anyone suspecting her at all. They taught her how to kill quickly and efficiently. Then one night as she was getting ready for her latest debriefing of a mission, her mind caught onto another one. It drew her down into the sub-basement of the Nephilim facility. That’s where she found Faust. He was a raving mad monster, but she slid her mind into his and quieted the voices that tormented him. That night a bond was formed and a pact was made. From then on Faust went nowhere with out Ophelia, and Ophelia went nowhere without Faust.

I. Environment and Culture: Currently Ophelia and Faust are living on the streets of London, and regularly frequent the White Chapel district. Usually they find a chapel basement or attic to sleep the day away, then prowl through the streets of London at night, literally killing time till their next assignment.

j. Friends and Social Life: Ophelia’s only friend is a half demon named Faust. Centuries of imprisonment had driven him mad, but Ophelia uses her telepathic abilities to maintain a tenuous control over him. Their relationship is strange at best, with Ophelia in the role of little sister/Mother to Faust, who is her every faithful protector.

k. Occupation and Income: Ophelia and Faust make money carrying out hits for the Nephilim organization and other freelance work. They are high in demand since they do their job well, but very expensive.

l. Main areas of Strength: Ophelia intelligence and skills aside, her strongest asset is the fact that people always under estimate her because she is a child. They assume she is weak and naive, which is the furthest from the truth. Even without Faust’s protection, she can easily take down a full grown man, three times her size.

m. Main areas of Weakness: Although Ophelia seems wise beyond her years, she is still a child, prone to an occasional fit of childish temper tantrum. When Ophelia is angry all her cool logic fades away as she reverts to a child’s mentality on the situation.

n. Long Term Goals: Ophelia’s long term goal is to accumulate enough wealth and power to take over the Nephilim organization.

o. Main Ambition Right Now: Ophelia’s main ambition at present is to keep one step ahead of the authorities and of other organizations that either want to take her and Faust out, or capture them for study.

p. Any other Distinctive Attributes: Ophelia has a honed telepathic ability that allows her to plant suggestions into peoples’ minds to make them do whatever she wants..

q. Words that describe your character: Tainted innocence, creepy, cute, ruthless, cunning, cold, calculating
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