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Ickus Cyncaid Dougall O’Byrne

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a. Name: Ickus “Ick” Cyncaid Dougall O’Byrne

b. Gender: Male

c. Age: 275 years old

d. Physical Heath: Ick is reasonably healthy

e. Appearance: Ick is approximately 8 feet tall, though most of his height due to his long spidery legs. He had a wide grin on his face, that stretches almost to his ears, his lips pulling back from surprisingly white, sharp teeth. Multiple piercings line his pointed ears, his eyebrows and chin. His skin is dark green that turns into a creamy color on his belly, palms and face and it glistens slightly with moisture. As for clothing, he usually wears worn hooded T-shirts, camouflage pants and on occasion a kilt and sporran. He's actually a bit of a neat freak, despite his diet and seemingly gross habbits.

f. Intelligence: Ick is actually quiet intelligent, having only his wits to keep him alive for over a century. Now with the information age and the internet around, Ick has access to all the world’s knowledge at his fingertips.

g. Diet: Although Ick is a quarter ghoul, he tends to eat "normal" food. On occasion, though, he's been known to snack on grubs, worms, maggots, roaches and other creepy crawly things. Still being a ghoul he does get a craving for dead flesh, but he tries not to indulge in that too often...

h. Family Orgins: Ick was born on the shores of Loch Doon in Scotland . His parents were an unlikely pair. His mother, whose name was Blyth Dougall O’Byrne , was part Boggle part ghoul and a smidgen of human; and his father, Fearchar mac Cyncaid, was a necromancer with a fondness for dead things. Apparently, Fearchar he had angered a rival magic user who placed a love curse upon him and dumped him in the middle of Loch Doon. There he saw Blyth feasting on a bloated corpse and it was love at first sight. Eventually the spell wore off, but by then Fearchar and Blyth had developed a fondness for each other and stayed together ever since.

i. Environment and Culture: Currently Ick lives in London, specifically the abandoned Tube line of the Aldwych station. He has bricked most of it off himself and has found a way to steal electricity from the working Tubes to power his massive network of computers. Ick is part of the London punk culture, though due to his appearance he doesn’t get out much. On occasion he will don a trench coat and hat and skulk up in the wee hours of the night to attend a rave.

j. Friends and Social Life: His friends include a powerful Vampire named Marcus, who is in charge of the local Morgue. Marcus will exchange unclaimed John Does for small favors from Ickus. Ick also has many contacts among the vampire community due to his information gathering skills. Ick is usually invited to the vampires private shindigs because Ick is a ghoul who knows how to party.

k. Occupation and Income: Ick makes his living buy helping create new identities for vampires and helping the older ones, not used to the current times, to adjust. He usually works on a barter system, but he’s not above taking cold hard cash.

l. Main areas of Strength: Ick is intelligent and crafty, and also extremely loyal. If you make a friend with Ick you got a friend for life. He also has a virtually photographic memory and an uncanny intuition when it comes to computer and machines. If Ick can’t fix it, it ain’t broke. He’s got a great sense of humor and is everyone’s pal.

m. Main areas of Weakness: Ick is a craven coward. He may look all scary and fearsome, but he tends to bolt at the first sign of violence. Also he sometimes lacks tact in dealing with people who don’t share his passion for dead things, Monty Python skits and computers. Also Ick seems to be oblivious of his “grossness”.

n. Long Term Goals: If there was a way to physically jack yourself into the internet, Ick would do it. But for now, his goals are to know everything there is to know.

o. Main Ambition Right Now: Ick’s main ambition at the moment is to keep people from discovering him and the other critters that stalk about in the shadows. He does his best to cover up any incidents caused by vampire or other night Bogies, so the humans are kept in the dark.

p. Any other Distinctive Attributes: He has the ability to projectile vomit on any target up to fifty feet away. He also has inherited some of his father’s necromancing skills and can learn things from the dead. He even has a tendency to keep these “dead friends” around for company (preserved so they don’t smell, of course...). Also Ick has a prehensile tongue, which can be both useful and disturbing.

q. Words that describe your character: Grotesque, gregarious, punk, brogue, spidery, lanky, lithe, amphibious, slimy, shark’s grin, cowardly, intelligent, hacker

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