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Poor Malice... Mummy and Daddy simply won't believe her when she tells them that their pet poodle, Muffin, is plotting to take over the world. And of course there's the giant Vorpal bunny that keeps following her around, always speaking in riddles and wanting her to come with with him to a place called "The Underland." Apparently Mummy and Daddy can't see him at all!

Now, Muffin has kidnapped her Mummy and Daddy and Muffin is planning on overtaking the world with his army of ninja penguins. The Vorpal Bunny says he can help, but at a price.. Whats a girl to do?

Malice is an eight year old who possesses an adult intelligence and a wild and rather dark (and distressing to her parents) imagination. She can see things other people can't, like the large and rather dangerous rabbit that has been following her about lately. And she apparently can understand animals.. Well at least her parents' poodle Muffin who seems to be bent on taking over the world. Now her parents have been kidnapped and she must use her wits to get them back.
Character belongs to ZombieRodent
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