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Patrick “Patches” Conner

Name: Patrick “Patches” Conner
age: 8
birthday: September 3rd
zodiac sign: Virgo
gender: Male
Race: British
Place of Birth: Cornwall, England
Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts in a house that his mother inherited from a maiden aunt.

Favorite types of food: Chocolate, Pizza, pop rocks, Ice Cream (every kind except for Pistachio)
Favorite types of drink: Soda and chocolate milk
Hobbies/past times: He likes to draw and sing and he loves nursery rhymes
Talents: He is actually a fairly decent artist and has a good singing voice
Favorite colors: Blue, green and purple
Favorite type of music: Likes nursery rhymes, classical music, pop music, well just about anything, except really loud music such as heavy metal

Physical Appearance
height: 3 ft 2 inches
weight: 35 lbs
Hair color: Auburn
Hair style: Shaggy and drawn into an unkempt pony tail
eye color: pale blue
skin color: pale cream color
shape of face: heart shaped
distinguishing features: is covered in scars and wears a patch over his right eye, which he has almost no vision in. It is covered with a translucent, milky white film.
complexion: fair and clear not including the scars
posture: hunched
tattoos: none
piercings: none
body shape: thin and wiry
Attire: threadbare t-shirt and pants, covered with patchwork. He doesn’t like to wear shoes

Personality: Patrick is a rather shy, timid and wary child. It takes him a bit to warm up to strangers. Once his trust has been gained (Usually when someone is genuinely kind to him, he can usually tell if someone is faking it) he is very loyal. He tends to attach himself to maternal types more quickly than others and it takes him a bit more to warm up to men. Patrick carries around a stuffed dragon named Ignatz. It was a gift from his sister Mina and his most prized possession and best friend. Patrick tends to have conversations with his dragon and becomes agitated when separated from Ignatz. Usually Patrick is very docile and passive, taking abuse from just about anyone (that is unless this is a person that he doesn’t like and considers to be a “Bad One”), but if someone he cares for is threatened or harmed, he becomes very violent and has been know to use deadly force.
Likes: Ignatz, Mina, Mummy, dragons, cats, ice cream and chocolate
dislikes: skittering things, Bad Ones, radishes
fears: The Monster, Chatterbox, Noodlers, Gluts, Jubjub birds and Bandersnatches

personal goals: To find Mummy and Mina
general attitude: Patrick tried to be positive about things
Social intelligence: Due to his upbringing, he’s socially stunted
Religious values: He doesn’t really have any. He believes in God in an abstract sort of way
Sociability: He’s very friendly towards those he trusts

Illnesses (if any): Mild Schizophrenia, he also tends to hallucinate and see monsters and creatures that aren’t there.... Or are they?
Sleeping habits: His sleeping habits are rather erratic and he usually doesn’t sleep more than 4 hours a night.
Energy level: Like most kids his age, he has boundless energy
Eating habits: Patrick eats like he’s not sure when he’s going to get his next meal. Luckily for him he has a very high metabolism because he loves food, especially sugary snacks
Memory: His memory has large gaps in it and he can become confused when he tries to remember things from his past
Any unhealthy habits: The amount of sugar he consumes, when allowed, is pretty unhealthy

Childhood/ Life Story: Growing up was very chaotic for Patrick. His mother always seemed to live in a fantasy world of her own making, and if not for his sister, he would have starved or be sent off to some foster home. Mina basically ran the house, doing her best to keep up the illusion to the outside world that they had a normal life. She cleaned the house, cooked and raised Patrick, while squirreling away her mother’s inheritance and disability checks so that they had money to pay bills and buy food. To her dismay, as Patrick got older he seemed to live in a fantasy world similar to their mother’s.
Their mother would disappear fro day to weeks at a time and usually came back with a new boyfriend who she would obsess on for a week or two before moving on to another one. When Patrick turned 4 his mother hooked up with a man, named Boris, who tried to take over every aspect of her life. It was a pretty unhealthy situation and he basically held the family hostage by threatening to tell about their unique situation. At first his abuse was only verbal, but then he started taking an intense disliking to Patrick. He began to beat Patrick whenever Mina had to leave for school, telling Patrick that if he told his sister, Boris would kill her. So when Mina asked how Patrick got hurt, he told her that he had fallen or tripped. She didn’t believe him but when she tried to press him he became agitated and wouldn’t say anything else.
One afternoon, when Patrick was 6, Mina cut classes and got home early to find Boris, in the kitchen, severely beating Patrick. She tried to stop him, but Boris Hit her hard enough to send her crashing into the wall and giving her a bloody nose. Though dazed, she managed to grab a knife and fend off Boris, stating that she would call the police and tell them everything. Boris Left, but he promised her that she would pay. During all this, their mother was sleeping off a hangover. Mina tried to tell her mother what had happened, but she didn’t care. She was more upset about Boris leaving than about what he had done to her son.
Elizabeth locked herself in her room and refused to come out. Mina barricaded the door and went to bed that night with Patrick, deciding once the morning came, using the money that she had been saving (and hiding), she and Patrick would run away. In the middle of the night, she awoke to find Patrick missing. As soon as she left the room she stepped into something cold and wet. Blood. Grabbing the phone, Mina called out her brother’s name as she dialed 911. She found her brother in the kitchen, covered in blood, sitting on Boris’ corpse, methodically stabbing him in the chest.
The police were called and Patrick was taken away, Mina was sent to foster care and Elizabeth just disappeared. Patrick was sent to a prison like facility, where he was diagnosed with Schizophrenia. Patrick stayed at the Asylum for 2 years. During this time he became the target of a rather sadistic doctor, which Patrick came to know as “The Monster”. In the beginning the abuse was very subtle, nothing visible, and of course Patrick wouldn’t tell anyone. As the years progressed it got worse.
A few months before Patrick’s eighth birthday, his sister finally got guardianship over him. She began to visit him as often as possible and noticed the bruising on him. She demanded that her brother be transferred to another facility (since she knew he wouldn’t tell who hurt him). In anger, the Doctor took Ignatz and sliced the dragon to shreds in front of Patrick, while telling him that he would do the same to Mina if she persisted in taking him away. Patrick snapped and attacked the Doctor, nearly killing him, in the process the Doctor managed to damage Patrick’s right eye.
After an investigation, Patrick’s abuse was revealed so the asylum did not press charges in hopes that in turn charges would not be filed against them for what their doctor had done to Patrick. Mina had heard about another Asylum that was using new techniques in dealing with Metal illnesses, which had astounding results. So she decided that her brother should be sent there.

Past places of residence: He lived in a small flat in England until he was 2, then Patrick’s mother found that she had inherited money and a house from an aunt, so they moved to Massachusetts to live there.

Parents: His Mother’s name is Elizabeth. He has no idea who his father is. Elizabeth has a history of mental illness as well. She is Bipolar and Schizophrenic. After the night Patrick Killed her Boyfriend, she disappeared. Neither Patrick or Mina has heard from her since, even though Patrick asks about her.
Siblings: He has an older sister named Mina. She is 10 years older than him and she has been his parental figure, trying to take care of him as best as she could as well as trying to hide her mother’s mental illness.
Best friend: Ignatz his stuffed dragon
Enemies: He is convinced that the Monster and it’s creations are after him. In reality the Monster was a doctor at the first asylum he was at, who abused him. In Patrick’s head this doctor became a horrible monster, and the staff became the Monster’s creations. Then Mina decided to move Patrick to another institution after noticing how withdrawn he had become and the bruises that he tried to hide. The Monster threatened her and Patrick attacked him, almost killing him.
Afterwards Patrick was moved to another facility but was convinced that the Monster and his minions were following him.
Character belongs to ZombieRodent